Henry Charles Estates, one of the most experienced brands in the North Cyprus real estate sector, has just turned 18 years old. As Cyprus Real Estate Centre, we evaluated both the success story of the company and the situation of the TRNC real estate sector with agency director Arzu Aygın. When you look at the opening and closing charts of companies in the economy of North Cyprus, you can see that the real estate sector is quite active. Many people get into this business when the purchase demand is active, and when things slow down, they close and leave without hesitation.

The earnings earnt on good days are in the pocket and the grievances created in the jobs entered on a whim are on the customers and the industry. Unfortunately, this has been going on for years. That's why companies that really do this job successfully come out of every difficult period. Henry Charles Estates, one of the stable brands of the TRNC real estate sector is one of the agencies highlighted in North Cyprus with its experience and success.

Therefore, I'm very proud to say, Henry Charles Estates is celebrating its 18th anniversary in the bustling real estate business this year. When we look at Cyprus Real Estate Centre, the first and only real estate news portal of North Cyprus, the company stands out as one of the popular brands amongst the Turkish, English and Russian content on our portal. It is researched, read and followed from many parts of the world. We talked to Henry Charles Estates Director, Arzu Aygın, both yesterday and today, and the expectations of the market. “We Are Doing The Same Job, In The Same Office, In The Same Way” Happy 18th birthday to Henry Charles Estates.

How has it been over the past 18 years? ''Thank you so much. I can honestly say that it has been a successful 18 years. We do the same work, in the same office, in the same way. Our stability in this regard is also an indicator of our success. Of course, the market has had its ups and downs in these 18 years. There were years when it was very beautiful and sales exploded, and there were years when it was very stagnant. Being honest and guiding people correctly has allowed us to continue in this market for such a long time. The fact that people still prefer us is an indication of this''. “We Are Not of the Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Variety of Estate Agents” We are talking about an 18-year period, so many real estate agent offices opened and closed. The fact that you are still doing the same job is an important detail….. What is the secret of this success? ''The secret of this stability is hard work and integrity, as in any business. Ours is a family business. While I was running the business with my husband, Ediz, I also started training my daughter for this business. Trust is another element. Our work follow-up and market research is uninterrupted. All this has built a trust in us over the 18 years in this business.

We continue with the strength of this. Our consultants who work with us have been working with us for a long time. They have identified with our brand and we are like one big family. We use many promotional tools such as our investments in digital marketing and fairs. We are not of the 'here today, gone tomorrow' kind of estate agents and our clients are aware of this. People feel safe when they bring their properties to us and leave their keys with us. We have not taken an offensive stance towards anyone.

This is the secret of our stability and success. Everyone who buys their house from us recommends us to their friends and they, in turn, choose us too. We don't stop at just selling them real estate, we also help with the next procedures, taking care of its leasing and management and we have a separate team for this. We have never sold and just moved on, we also have after-sales services''. “Everybody Do Their Own Job” Many people became real estate agents on a whim because they worked in other sectors for years and had a high income and former real estate agents interpreted this situation as "everyone should do their own job". Now the same people are doing different jobs. How do you interpret this situation? ''I always and still say "everyone do their own thing".

A person can do a maximum of two things very well. You can either get the rest done or not. Time is also very important to everyone. If your time allows you to manage them properly, you can, but the real question is do you have that much time? If it started to shift from one side to the other, it is a debatable issue whether the dedication to the real estate sector will be the same as before. We are real estate agents, this is our only focus. It is very difficult for us to be dealing with another business in order to follow the sector and take the right directions. Starting from here, evaluate the others yourself. We don't even make short-term rentals, which is another branch of the industry. Nowadays, with two tables and a couple of chairs, people can do everything.

Does it work?

It's necessary to look at it, it doesn't happen, they can't reach it. The place is full of victims''. “All Title Deeds Have the Seal of the TRNC State” The grievance you mentioned is a subject that makes the investor come to regret it, and drives away the one who thinks to come. Then, what should investors pay attention to when buying real estate in Northern Cyprus? The most important issue in an investment is that the real estate you buy can also be sold quickly. This is true not only in Northern Cyprus, but all over the world. If you cannot turn to cash in time of need, this is not an investment. For this, the right price and the right location play a very important determinant role. For example, the title deed diversity in our country is turned into a big crisis for people. As a matter of fact, all title deeds have the seal of the TRNC state and therefore we have only one title. However, industry stakeholders are raising the issue so much that buyers are also hesitant.

These title differences also bring price differences, and the sellers also benefit from it. This issue is beyond us. However, we want this to be ended as soon as possible, this is a situation that compels everyone. “Sales Started Progress with Bid Procedure” So how is the situation in the market? On the one hand, the long-lasting pandemic restrictions, on the other hand, the rapidly depreciating TL. How do you read what's going on? For a long time, people did not buy, there is also a cash crunch in the market.

While we were saying that the TL is losing value against the foreign exchange, in fact, sales started to progress on a bid basis. The seller says the price, the buyer makes an offer, if they meet at a common point, there is a sale or not. As for online sales... It is said that there are very high volume sales, I am not convinced about that. It also sells with cryptocurrencies. The sector has also developed itself in this regard and provided rapid adaptation. We have seen many different aspects in the market for 18 years. We saw the aftermath of the coup, we saw the aftermath of the Annan plan. There were times when British customers were very busy.

Then, Russian customers, Turkish customers, and now the Arab market is active. Despite all the difficult process, the market started to move, which is a fact. “Cyprus Real Estate Center has always been our voice” As Henry Charles, you are one of the corporate members of Cyprus Real Estate Center, the first and only real estate news portal of Northern Cyprus.

We spent a lot of work on each other, especially during the pandemic period when everyone was closed at home. Finally, let's get your thoughts on our portal.. Cyprus Real Estate Center proved once again that it is a very stable and hardworking system. He worked with determination in all circumstances and continued his work with success and stability even during the pandemic when we were all confined to our homes. Cyprus Real Estate Center has always been and continues to be our voice. Sustainability is something I really appreciate.

We have been working together for a long time and during this period, there were so many people who opened new sites on this subject, there were those who did dream business, of course, all of them closed one by one and continue to be closed. While the market is like this in this sector, we appreciate the sustainability and hard work of Cyprus Real Estate Center.

It continues in the same line, with the same stability, in the same way. The market is good or bad, there is a pandemic or not, our offices are open or closed due to covid, Cyprus Real Estate Center has once again revealed that it works without a break. We are very pleased to work with you.